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Optical Services (Glasses)

Acuity Eye Care is in partnership with both Zeiss and Hoya branded lenses. Zeiss is widely known for their precision in optics and helps us provide premium quality lenses to our patients. Did you know that each and every pair of Zeiss lenses made are equipped with built-in UV protection? This makes them ideal for your glasses.

Our Hoya branded lenses are best known for their durability in coatings, kid-friendly packages and premium progressive lenses. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect lens for your visual needs. Did you know that Hoya’s Super High Vision EX3 coating is twice as durable as any other AR coating available?

Come see our new Optical! Our Optician will be happy to assist you in finding the best frame for your style and lenses for your visual needs.  We can provide you with options for ANY budget.

We also provide safety glasses through the EyeSafe Program and free glasses to kindergartners through Eye See Eye Learn!

Safety Glasses
Ophthalmic Glasses

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