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Contact Lens Fitting in Grande Prairie, High Prairie, and Beaverlodge

Contact lenses are a common choice for many of our clients. While contacts are a convenient way to correct your vision, these devices need to be chosen for each person carefully in order to ensure the most comfortable and healthiest fit possible. 

During a contact lens fitting, your optometrist ensures your contact lens prescription is correct. They’ll also take your eye measurements to guarantee that the lens fits comfortably. 

Depending on your lifestyle, the optometrist may also make recommendations about types of lenses that might work best for you from daily or weekly to monthly lenses. They will also recommend what lens material works best and consider any additional concerns that may be unique to your eye health.

Experienced Optometrists for a Perfect Fit

Our optometrists are experienced in evaluating and fitting contact lenses. Regardless of how long you’ve been wearing contacts, this expert advice can improve your experience and comfort.

Photo of full staff at Acuity Eye Care Grande Prairie, High Prairie, and Beaverlodge
Woman putting contact lens into a blue eye

Contact Lens Options to Fit Your Life

We currently offer soft contact lenses in daily, monthly and limited extended wear modalities. Our expert optometrists may ask questions about your lifestyle to ensure you’re choosing a contact lens type that best fits you. This might also mean suggesting new lenses or lens types that increase your comfort.

Add-On to Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

A contact lens fitting is an add-on service to a regular comprehensive eye exam. An additional cost will be figured into the final cost. After a comprehensive eye exam and a contact lens fitting, you’ll leave with a full evaluation of your eye health, contact lens-related ocular health, and a prescription for both glasses and contacts as necessary.

Should you want or need a contact lens fitting added to your comprehensive eye exam, you can do so at an extra fee. Please make sure to let us know when you book your appointment, as it does take additional time.

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Finger holding contact lens with case in background

Instructions & Advice to Keep Contact Lenses a Safe & Healthy Option

This is a perfect time to ask any questions about your contact lenses as well. Our staff can instruct you on the proper contact lens care, as well as directions on how to insert and remove them for first-time lens users. 

Ensuring you follow proper contact lens care means lowering your risk of infection, discomfort, or irritation during use. It also helps to protect your eye health long-term.

Where We Offer Contact Lens Fitting

We offer contact lens fittings at each of our three locations in northern Alberta: Grande Prairie, High Prairie, and Beaverlodge.

How to Book Your Appointment

Contact us today at either our Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie, or High Prairie numbers below to book your appointment!