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Doctors of Optometry. Dr. Waayenberg, Dr. Kennedy, and Dr. Rourke.

Acuity Eye Care is made up of two optometric practices owned by Dr. Shaun Waayenberg and Dr. Victoria Kennedy.  We have locations in Beaverlodge and High Prairie, Alberta and are dedicated to ensuring members of these and the surrounding communities have access to comprehensive medical and routine eye care services. 

Our optometrists have been practicing in High Prairie since 2017 and in Beaverlodge since 2018.  Dr. Karin Rourke joined our Beaverlodge office in 2019 and our three optometrists are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Acuity Eye Care’s sole purpose is to improve access to eye care services for the people of the rural communities we serve. Our patients travel from the small towns throughout the Peace Country and Big Lakes County in order to use our optometric and optical services.

Acuity Eye Care has previously provided optometric care under the trade names of Beaverlodge Family Eye Care and the Shaun Waayenberg Professional Corporation, but was renamed in 2021 to better reflect our services.

Karin Rourke Optometrist
Dr. Karin Rourke
Shaun Waayenberg Optometrist
Dr. Shaun Waayenberg
Victoria Kennedy Optometrist
Dr. Victoria Kennedy

At Acuity Eye Care, we believe that having the right team of doctors and staff is incredibly important when it comes to patient service. We value compassion, communication and a dedication to learning and encourage our team to strive to these principles. Team members are located in both Beaverlodge and High Prairie. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our team and some of their roles.

Our optometric team consists of Victoria KennedyShaun Waayenberg and Karin Rourke. As optometrists, they completed their three to four year Bachelor Degree and four year Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree prior to becoming licensed in Alberta. They are well versed in the examination and assessment of the eyes and visual system and are able to diagnose, treat and manage ocular disease and binocular vision conditions. Additionally, optometrists are able to recognize and detect systemic health conditions as they relate to the eyes. Our doctors work with other local primary care providers to co-manage ocular signs and symptoms of many conditions. Finally, our optometrists prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses and low vision devices. Dr. Waayenberg practices in both Beaverlodge and High Prairie. Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Rourke practice in Beaverlodge.

Our practice is pleased to have a licensed optician. Kenda is an expert in eyeglasses and lens selection, fitting and adjustments. In order to gain her licensure she completed a two-year classroom and in-office training. This training included courses on eyeglass frame selection and repair, optics, lenses, prescriptions, communication and ethics. Our optician works with you to determine what style of glasses and lenses will best suit your lifestyle and vision requirements. Because every person is unique in his or her interests, job demands and preferences, Kenda strives to find the best lens and coating options to fit your needs and budget.